Your 9.5mm films have shrunk to old age. The distance between the holes in the film has decreased and the film no longer fits into the projector. Viewing on the projector should be forgotten. We have a new gate on the digital scanner for 9.5mm film that takes into account the shrinkage of the film and corrects the error automatically. The digitization of the films is fine.
It doesn't matter as long as you don't mix super8 and standard 8mm movies.
This can be done.
We can make an offer for the work after seeing the quantity / condition of the material. The assessment is always free of charge and does not require a transfer. If you come on-site, the evaluation will take place while you wait.
The films are first transferred to our server. You get the material with a stick with which you can design the narration. Then just book time for recording.
It is likely that it is a 16mm sepmag.(the sound of the movie) The picture is on one reel and the sound is on the other reel. We can combine picture and sound. If you show the film to us we can give you an estimate of the price.
The length is approx. 35min
Yes we can.
It is possible that your movies are old and dry and can no longer run on the projector. As the film dries, it also shrinks and becomes brittle, reducing the distance between the holes. You can bring the film to to us, the evaluation is always free. With a digital scanner, your film can be transferred safely.
If the Files are watched in the United States on a computer they will work. If you want to view them on other devices, we can also make the files in NTSC format.
We recommend that you put both grades on different reels.
The volume discount is determined by the total length of the film. Even if you submit all the films now, you can pick them up by appointment, e.g. part in the fall. You can also order only a small amount now and the work will continue later from the volume reduction already achieved.
Film transfer customers can borrow a viewing device from Reel One free of charge, for example for a weekend at home. The device is easy to use and does not burn holes in the film. However the screen is small and dim.